In 2002, I was granted a license from the Minister of Finance to maintain accounting books (license number 30034/02) I’ve worked in accounting for more than 20 years.

In 2002, I graduated in Finance and Banking from the Warsaw School of Economics. Before I permanently joined the Omegga team, I worked for more than 10 years as Finance Specialist, Chief Accountant and Financial Director of the Stodoła Student Club. During this period, I had the opportunity to witness and participate in the privatization of cultural centers, which began operating as private companies rather than subsidized public institutions. The change of law was very dynamic, both in terms of taxes and social insurance. I was an active participant in the implementation of the new social security system in 1999, and later in the introduction of the tax VAT obligations for cultural institutions.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity offered by working in a tax firm with a wide variety of clients, learn from the vast experience of my mother, and influence the development of our family company, I decided in 2008 to completely devote myself to the family business.

I am responsible for providing accounting, HR and payroll services for limited liability companies and limited partnerships. Most of the companies I am responsible for are large firms with foreign capital.

When I came to the company, I set myself the objective of automating our workflow and introducing solutions to save time and keep both manual work and administrative errands to a minimum. As result, for more than five years we’ve sent all tax returns electronically, and the same goes for documentation for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We always suggest our clients use software and electronic systems in order to keep data entry to a minimum and focus instead on verifying the effectiveness of company operations, both in fiscal and economic terms. I currently work with a wide variety of companies, including a mining company, a producer of industrial controllers and other automation products, a service provider for one of the largest belt systems in Europe, one of the largest wholesalers of plumbing and heating equipment in Poland, and many others. Some of the business under my care hail from other European countries, and I try to help make it easy for them to do business here in Poland. I specialize in the preparation of financial reports for ‘mother’ companies. Once a year, I participate in meetings of foreign companies at their headquarters abroad. I’ve been invited as a speaker at various tax conferences, including the conference hosted by the Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. I try to be helpful in all kinds of projects, including development of new products, implementation of systems for business and financial services, and coordination accounting and tax operations for clients opening new branches in Poland.

In order to continually expand my knowledge and experience, I participate in conferences and training courses related to changes in tax legislation, labor law and social insurance. The next step in my career is to become a licensed tax advisor, which I’m currently working on.