Offer for individual clients

Representation in the Tax Office

We provide consultations and explanations and prepare letters in response to requests from the Tax Office. In We also personally represent taxpayers in the Tax Office as necessary. The team of our law firm has expertise in the field of administrative procedures, allowing for effective representation of clients in various types of cases before the tax authorities.

What we do?

  • We assist in matters related to the settlement of tax arrears in installments. We prepare applications for the Tax Office, and after their submission we provide the necessary explanations pending a decision by the Office.
  • We prepare a response to a summons from the Tax Office on matters related to the correction of annual declarations and other tax matters. On your behalf, we can prepare the correction and necessary clarification and submit letters and appeals.
  • We prepare applications for individual interpretations for the relevant Tax Chamber on various issues. We provide advice on the formulation of a proper inquiry and throughout the procedure, until a decision is reached.
  • We assist in the preparation of printed updates for individuals, filed with the Tax Office, as well as applications for a tax number (NIP), and bank account and change of address declarations.
  • We prepare statements on the chosen form of taxation related to lease operations.
  • We prepare accounting statements for gifts, bequests, loan agreements and sale agreements (SDZ-2, SD-3, PCC-3).

Power of Attorney needed to represent taxpayers in tax matters

On July 1, 2016 amendments to the Act of 29 August 1997 – the Tax Statue on the establishment by taxpayers of proxies to represent them before tax authorities came into force. From then on, there are three types of power of attorney for the conduct of affairs in Tax Offices, the Tax Chamber and offices Fiscal Control Offices, reported on special official forms:

  • general power of attorney,
  • special power of attorney
  • power of attorney for deliveries

The new forms replaced the previous powers of attorney, submitted in the form of regular written statements authorizing the taking of any action on behalf of the taxpayer before the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Presently, in order to represent, we are obliged to present the tax authorities with:

1) a general power of attorney on the PPO-1 form, registered electronically in the Central Register of Powers of Attorney maintained by the Minister of Finance, whose scope includes all tax issues and other matters falling within the jurisdiction of the tax or fiscal control authorities.


2) a special power of attorney on the PPS-1, submitted in paper form (an original signed by the taxpayer) to the appropriate authority, the scope of which covers all activities pertaining to conduct of the case (e.g. an application for the settlement of tax in installments).

It is possible to indicate a delivery address on both forms. In that case, all letters and decision in the case will be sent directly to the office of the appointed proxy. In addition, it should be mentioned that the special power of attorney requires the payment of stamp duty.

Information needed to prepare a power of attorney

  • Name, surname, address and tax number (NIP or PESEL)
  • Contact details

We prepare printouts of special powers of attorney on your behalf, and after their acceptance and signing, we file such powers of attorney with the tax office or other tax institution together with the first application for the case which we are to conduct on your behalf.