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Tax audit

The purpose of a tax audit is to identify the potential hazards and risks to an enterprise with regard to applied tax strategy. In addition, the tax audit allows us to identify possible savings and define the client’s future tax policy.

Tax audit services include:

  • verification of the legal status of the client’s company in terms of taxation
  • analysis and review of accounting records as well as agreements governing cooperation with suppliers and customers
  • conduction of interviews with the client’s employees
  • review of financial statements, accounting records (including bank account records), and the results of the examination of financial statements by an auditor
The tax audit is carried out by experienced tax advisors. In the event of irregularities related to tax settlements, we present our clients with solutions to eliminate or minimize the resulting risk.

According to the needs of our clients, we are ready to conduct:

  • a tax audit – covering the client’s full tax settlements for a given period
  • a problem audit – only for a certain tax or problem

The scope of a tax audit may include:

  • VAT,
  • corporate tax,
  • income tax on individuals, with regard to the obligations of the employer,
  • excise tax,
  • local taxes and charges,
  • other specific operations or economic activities specified by the client

The tax audit results in a summary report, which includes:

  • an assessment of the tax classification undertaken by the Client in terms of verified business operations
  • an indication of possible threats and tax risks
  • recommendation of proper solutions to significantly reduce or eliminate the identified tax risks.