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Additional services

We prepare regulatory filings, data changes, suspensions and terminations of business activity for the Central Business Activity Register and Information Record (CEIDG). Providing our services means comprehensively supporting customers in their business activities. As such, every day we work with experts in other fields and, if necessary, offer customers the possibility consultation and cooperation with law firms, notarial offices, financial agents and other specialists, on preferential terms. We guarantee the highest standards of service, flexibility and individual approach to each case.

Upon request, we assist our customers with:

  • notary services– we facilitate contact with a notarial office to arrange the signing of the notarial act, and we help in preparing the necessary documentation and drafting the act. It is also possible to conduct such procedures at the office of the notarial office we cooperate with, or upon request at the client’s office.
  • legal services – we offer consultation with specialists in the field of civil and administrative matters related to your business. We make it easy to contact a law firm on various cases relating to company operations.
  • occupational safety and health services – we facilitate cooperation with health and safety specialists, both in terms of conducting training for employees and monitoring of employer obligations, for companies whose number of employees incurs such an obligation.
  • financial services -We offer cooperation with a specialist in acquiring loans, leasing, and other forms of financing.
  • purchase and registration of cash registers – we facilitate contact with an expert on the selection and purchase of cash registers and register the registers with the tax office.


With individual needs of clients in mind, our firm also provides other additional concierge services such, such as counseling and assistance in buying a car or administering your home during your absence from the country. We guarantee the highest standards of service, flexibility and an individual approach to each case.