We are a family company, with three generations of women creating and developing the company for many years. The foundations of the company were laid in the early. 90’s by Joanna Korwin-Kulesza. In 2006, she was joined permanently by her daughter Katarzyna, and in 2009 by her younger daughter Małgorzata. Our company is a member of the Family Firms Foundation and associated with the Family Enterprise Initiative. A family company means a strong, trusted brand. It guarantees clients and consumers stability, honesty, attention, and the highest quality of the products and services provided.

The Family Enterprise Initiative

The Family Company Initiative (IFR in Polish) was established in 2008 in Warsaw at the initiative of experts and representatives from the business community and academia. IFR is currently the largest organization representing family businesses in Poland. Its mission is to build economic freedom, rule of law and civil society, which are the pillars of the family business environment. More at firmyrodzinne.pl

Family Firm Foundation

The Family Firm Foundation (FFR in Polish) was established in 2011. Its goal is to care for the common interest of family business through integration, support and promotion. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation, family firms gain access to assistance, knowledge and experience from other family businesses during mentoring meetings at various family firms.

More at firmyrodzinne.org