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HR and payroll services

Our firm provides comprehensive HR and payroll services.

We prepare settlements for employment and civil law contracts, including the necessary documentation for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), conduct personnel files for employees on employment contracts, and monitor the obligations of the employer.

We provide support in terms of Civil Law and the Labor Law as well as consultation regarding optimization of labor costs. We will inform our customers on legislative and regulatory changes in this area.

We address our HR and payroll offer to customers using our accounting services and as a separate service to companies which manage their own accounting.

HR services include

  • maintaining personnel records, including the preparation of all necessary documents related to employment and termination thereof
  • preparing civil law contracts (commission contracts and contracts to perform a specific task)
  • ongoing HR services – drafting certificates of employment and income, maintaining payroll files for individual employees and preparing annual PIT-11 income tax declarations, keeping leave records, preparing annual RMUA reports for employees,
  • keeping records related to the payment of benefits and correspondence with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) on personnel matters,
  • informing clients on the obligation to conduct periodic health and safety training for employees as well as the obligatory occupational health checks

Payroll services include

  • calculating of remuneration in accordance with applicable law,
  • civil law contract settlements (commission contracts and contracts to perform a specific task) and accounts
  • monthly statements and declarations to the Social Insurance Institution (DRA, RCA, RSA, STY) and the Tax Office (PIT-4 personal income tax)