About us

Company history

Omegga was established by Joanna Korwin-Kulesza in August, 1992. A family company, we provide comprehensive accounting and payroll services as well as financial and tax consultancy. Along with Joanna, the family includes Katarzyna Korwin-Kulesza and Małgorzata Korwin-Kulesza.

We work with both domestic and foreign firms operating in various industries. Among our clients are not only large companies with many employees, for which the principles of full accounting obligatory, but also small companies with just a few people.

During their daily work, the Omegga team speak English, German, Italian and Spanish, greatly facilitating contact with the foreign partners who constitute a large percentage of our clients.

We work with various software applications, including Symphony, Wf Fakir, Wf Gang, and Raks. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of information. Data is stored and processed with appropriate security measures, as required by Polish law. We have certificates for the electronic signature of declarations and all other documents, making our work faster and providing various public offices with direct access to data.

Our strengths

We are a family business

As a family company, we guarantee consistent service, including direct contact with the owners. We also care about the high quality of our services. Being a family company means tradition, credibility, integrity, reliability, trust, diligence and an individual approach to the client. The trust of our clients largely results from the personal liability of the owners, guaranteeing the quality of services rendered in their name.

Many years of wide-ranging practical experience

We’ve operated on the Polish market for over 24 years, catering to companies large and small representing many different industries, including construction, law, gastronomy, advertising, printing, wholesale and retail sales, Internet sales and freelancers. Our clients include many foreign companies from Spain, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Austria, among others.

An individual approach

We treat each client individually, adjusting our offer to his or her needs. One person takes care of each client’s affairs, from A to Z. In difficult financial times for our clients, we offer favorable rates, including favorable rates for business in the startup phase. We also provide custom services, such as conducting administrative business on behalf of the client. In addition, we are flexible in terms of contact hours and meeting times.

Certificates, references and insurance

Every family member is licensed by the Minister of Finance to conduct commercial accounting. We’ve received numerous references from foreign and Polish clients. The company is registered in the list of tax advisors and insured against civil liability.

Practical knowledge and experience in setting up new companies

We offer a package of services, including notarial services and preparation of applications to the National Court Register for restructuring, liquidation and other activities which require registration, along with the support of a banking advisor and consultation with labor law and occupational health and safety specialists.

We keep up to date with amendments to legislation and regulations

We offer our clients training on applicable legislation and regulations.