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Tax Advisory Services

Joanna Korwin- Kulesza - tax advisor

We provide both businesses and individuals with tax advisory services aimed at minimizing tax obligations while maintaining full compliance with the tax code.

In providing accounting services for a wide variety of companies from different sectors, I’ve encountered a huge range of issues and problems regarding accounting and tax law. My clients represent the wholesale and retail industries, selling a variety of products, ranging from chemicals, household appliances, and building materials, to cosmetics, cigarettes and alcohol. They are construction companies, property developers, and companies offering a wide range of services, including management, design, delivery, tailoring, air transport, mining, gas supply, and even a dance school and a foundation promoting contemporary art. I’ve helped customers deal with the complexities of tax law, and in doing so I’ve earned their utmost confidence. Many have been regular clients of Omegga since the beginning. In 1978, I graduated from the Faculty of Internal Trade as a Master of Economics. I started a career in accounting in 1982, first as a Deputy Chief Accountant and then as Chief Accountant. I worked in various companies, directing large teams of employees and performing the functions of Financial Director and Member of the Board. My professional practice has taken place under both socialism and capitalism. I worked in the Warsaw Building Supply Company, the National Film Archive; the Spark Building Sports Club, and in the Hoża Labor Cooperative as Deputy Chief Accountant, Chief Accountant, and Chief Financial Officer.

A large part of my professional practice took place during the period of economic and political transition in Poland. As such, I’ve dealt with a number of unusual practical issues – grossing of payroll, revaluation of fixed assets, denomination of the Polish zloty, implementation of VAT, and social insurance reform.

In connection with the ongoing changes in Poland ,1992 I decided to set up an accounting office, of which I am the President. Currently, I manage the office together with my daughters Kasia and Małgorzata, which makes the Omegga Accounting Office and Tax Consultancy Firm truly a family company.

In 1997, I obtained permission to offer commercial bookeeping, and in 1998 I officially became a tax advisor, with registration number 04764.

As part of the services offered by Omegga, I offer advice and consultation regarding tax matters, the establishment, restructuring and liquidation of commercial companies, and amendments to applicable laws and regulations. My favorite topics are issues related to VAT and income tax on legal persons, which is also associated with commercial law regarding the creation and restructuring of business entities.

I also assist clients in matters related to payment of tax arrears, advise on issues related to tax audits, and offer training in planned and introduced legal and regulatory changes which affect company operations.